The Road To Web Hosting and Website customization.

Using Hostgator for web hosting was an unnecessary expense. The company failed to reveal this one concept. Hostgator is not needed because I used WordPress. WordPress has all of the tools needed for customizing a website.
I also found that it was unnecessary to purchase the Business Plan. Hostgator failed to mention that WordPress should have the widget needed to add the ability to accept payments. Neither the business plan, which can be purchased for $16.99/mo. nor the shared personal plan, which cost $49.99/yr. was necessary. The web design I use from WordPress cost nothing and it is secure.
I got taken because I failed to remember that not all content found on the internet is true. It was a YouTube personality who recommended that WordPress and Hostgator be used together.
However it took about four to five chat sessions before I could get any of the techies to admit that I never needed their services. Even when I pointed out that I made a mistake, the techies would not acknowledge nor confirm what type of error I made. Don’t be as confused as I was. Choose either Hostgator or WordPress, not both. I was able to cancel the month by month expense but I am stuck with the shared personal plan for the rest of the year.

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